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Inks, Pens, and Paper dissected here for your surfing pleasure. I'll be adding my PC to Apple Odyssey too, in the hopes of helping others out of the pit of Newb.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My (Soon to be Ex) Microsoft Spawned Devil Box

This is the Computer I'll be updating from. I bought it over five years ago and paid $300 for it new. That included an Epson Stylus CX4800 all in one printer that Comp USA threw in for free. Recently, the printer switched to spitting out blank paper with faintly black smears instead of text. I keep cleaning it, replacing cartridges, etc, but it's determined to lay down and die. I think it's time to let it.

Compaq Presario
AMD Sempron Processor
994 MHz
1.25 GB of RAM
~100 GB Internal Hard Drive (Partitioned into 86.1GB and 6.95 GB)
1 CD Writer/DVD ROM Drive
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 2002

1 DVD Writer Drive (One of my husband's cast offs)
20" Starlogic LCD Monitor (~$200)
Logitech THX Speakers and Subwoofer (~$150 over five years ago)
Microsoft Wireless Natural Multimedia Keyboard and Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0
 (~$80 also many years ago)
Upgraded USB Ports (~$50?)

Total System Cost: $680 plus tax

Plus Microsoft Office 2003 Academic Edition (~$100)

I may reuse the Keyboard as Apple's dinky, number-pad-less version looks beautiful, but doesn't seem intended to ever actually be used. Maybe I'll have it framed.

My speakers still sound great, so they'll probably survive the purge as well.Apple's built-in speakers always sound like an ancient AM radio. Since speakers aren't terribly procey and the iMac is big bucks, I have no idea what's up with that. May I'll get lucky and be totally wrong about this one.

I will miss the built in card slots on the Compaq. Unfortunately, some of them are no longer working so I won't be too sad.


Sidney said...

No wonder your thinking of throwing your Windows computer out the window of a high rise building. I would have done it before the purchase anniversary date. You bought a low-end, horribly under-powered computer. How did you survive for five years?

You need to spend at least a $1000, the processor needs to spec in the middle of the top-of-the-line and the bottom-of-the-line current chips (stay away from Celerons and Semprons), in order to keep you happy for five years plus.

Kate said...

You're probably be right. It sounds like you stay on top of PC stuff and I appreciate you sharing your expertise with me.

However, my previous computer was an uber fancy Dell laptop which I dropped $3k on. It was a crashy nightmare too, so I'm not sure expensive and high end is any guarrante of quality. Plus, I really was feeling too bitter to drop a lot of cash again.(Before that, I'd always just built my own computers, so I don't have a lot of other data to go on.)

I really didn't think I'd have the Compaq this long. It was only to use it until my programmer & gamer husband had one of his blindingly fast, cutting edge PCs to hand down to me. About that time, his company started sending him not yet in the stores stuff from Intel, NVDIA, and the like to develop his 3D animation software on. So, no more personally owned computers for me to nab :(

Wow, that is so much more than you probably wanted to know.

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