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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sheaffer Orange

This scan is of Sheaffer Orange from Cartridges.

Ink Scan:

Overall Impression: Rinses off of plastic quite easily with water, but a little under saturated for my tastes.

Color Category: Orange
Saturation: Poor
Shading: Very Good
Drying Speed: Good
Opacity: Poor
Feathering Resistance: Good
Flow: Not enough sample to test this.
Bleed through Resistance: Very Good

Water Resistance: Poor*
Light Fastness: Very Good*
pH: 6.9*
Archival: (pH neutral & light fast): Yes

Special Features: None

Available in: Bottles and Cartridges
Quantity per Bottle: 50 mL
MSRP per bottle as of 5/4/09: $8
Price per mL: $0.16

Good Color Matches:

*From Clark, Greg; Fountain Pen Inks A Sampler; 2006 Edition, page 26

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