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Monday, May 04, 2009

Noodler's Red Black

Ink Scan:

Overall Impression: What do you get when you mix red and black? Brown, or in this case brown with a very strong red tint. I like this color a lot, plus it's "near bulletproof!" A winning combination, I bought a bottle after trying a sample.

Color Category: Brown
Saturation: Good
Shading: Very Good
Drying Speed: Fair
Opacity: Good
Feathering Resistance: Good
Flow: Waiting for my bottle to test it
Bleed through Resistance: Excellent

Water Resistance: Excellent*
Light Fastness: Very Good*
pH: 6.4*
Archival: (pH neutral & light fast): Yes

Special Features: Near Bulletproof

Available in: Bottles Only
Quantity per Bottle: 3 ounce
MSR Price per bottle as of 4/12/09: $12.50
Price per mL: $0.14

Good Color Matches:

*From Clark, Greg; Fountain Pen Inks A Sampler; 2006 Edition, page 19

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