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Thursday, January 01, 2015

My Digital Ink Sampler

Total Reviews: 156; I've added at least 155 reviews of my bottled ink to date plus 1 ink sample review.

Total Scans: 127 Scans: 22 of bottled inks plus 105 of sample inks.

Total Inks scanned or reviewed: 283

Just click on the brand you're interested in to take you to the review links.

If you'd like a 1-2 MB picture, you can just click on the small post picture. A gigantic color corrected scan will follow. The full-sized image will depict more accurate representation of each ink color.



Caran d'Ache


De Atramentis




J. Herbin








Parker Penman

Parker Quink




Private Reserve

Rohrer Klingner









Monday, December 03, 2012

Noodler's Inks

Air Corp Blue Black*

American Eel Blue

American Eel Cactus Fruit

American Eel Green Cactus

American Eel Goulet Purple Heart

American Eel Rattler Red

American Eel Turquoise


Apache Sunset


Art Brown Brooklyn Brawn

Art Brown Manhattan Blue

Art Brown Pinstripe Homage

Art Brown Subway Series Sepia

Baystate Blue

Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry

Baystate Concord Grape


Bernanke Black

Bernanke Blue

Bernanke Q-E'ternity

Blackerase (White Board Ink)

Black Mamba (for felt tipped pens only)

Black Swan in Australian Roses

Black Swan in English Roses


Bluerase (White Board Ink)

Blue Nose Bear


Borealis Black

Boston Brahmin Blue




Concord Bream

Dark Matter

Dragon's Napalm

Dromgoole's Raven

Dromgoole's Texas Patriot (for the Dallas Pen Show)

Dromgoole's The Alamo's Twilight

Electric Color Series (Highlighting Ink) Atlantic Salmon

Electric Color Series (Highlighting Ink) Firefly

Electric Color Series (Highlighting Ink) Georgia Peach

Electric Color Series (Highlighting Ink) Hellfire

Electric Color Series (Highlighting Ink) Lightning Blue

Electric Color Series (Highlighting Ink) St. Patty's Eire

Electric Color Series (Highlighting Ink) Sunrise

Forest Green

Fountain Pen Hospital Old Dutch Sepia

Fountain Pen Network Dumas Tulipe Noire

Fountain Pen Network Gogh Starry Night

Golden Brown*

Goulet Pen Company's Liberty Elysium


Green Marine *

Gruene Cactus


Jet Pens White Peacock (Not Fountain Pen Safe)

Kiowa Pecan*

La Coleur Royale

Midnight Blue

Missing Pen Das Verschollene Grun

Navajo Turquoise




Ottoman Azure

Ottoman Rose


Purple Martin

Purple Wampum


Red Black*

Saguaro Wine

Sequoia Green

Shah's Rose


Summer Tanager

Swisher Pens Antigua Blue

Swisher Pens Apricot Orange

Swisher Pens Blue-Black

Swisher Pens Cocoa

Swisher Pens Dark Purple

Swisher Pens Emerald Green

Swisher Pens Intense Red

Swisher Pens Maroon

Swisher Pens Midnight Black

Swisher Pens Nantucket Blue

Swisher Pens North Sea Blue

Swisher Pens Quick Lime

Swisher Pens St. Elmo's Fire

Swisher Pens Yellow




V-Mail Burma Brown Road

V-Mail GI Green (Reformulated in Late 2009/Early 2010)

V-Mail Mandalay Maroon

V-Mail Midway Blue

V-Mail North African Violet

V-Mail Operation Overlord Orange

V-Mail Rabaul Red


Widow Maker

World Lux Emerald City Green (I don't think this is an Eternal, but I'm not sure)



Waterproof, Eternal and Bulletproof Inks

#41 Brown (No scan, just some info from Swisher's)

54th Massachusetts

American Eel Black (May be the same as Polar Black)

Art Brown Legal Blue (contract ink)

Australia Ayers Amber

Australian Catalpa Sepia (Not sure if it's regular, waterproof or other)

Australia Coral Sea


Blue Ghost

Canada Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham

China Expeditionary Force 1944 Blue

China Kung Te-Cheng (Recommended For Use Only With Pens Included In Package)

China Year of the Golden Ghost

China Year of the Golden Pig

Dragon Catfish Highlighting Ink Green (not fountain pen safe)

Dragon Catfish Highlighting Ink Pink (not fountain pen safe)

Dragon Catfish Highlighting Ink Orange (not fountain pen safe)

Dromgoole's Texas Blue Bonnet

Dromgoole's Texas Live Oak

Dromgoole's Texas Pecan

Fox Red

Fountain Pen Hospital Bank Note Green

Fountain Pen Hospital Ellis Island Blue-Black

Fountain Pen Hospital Henry Hudson Blue

Fountain Pen Hospital Old Manhattan

Fountain Pen Network Galileo Manuscript Brown

Germany Prussian Blue

Heart of Darkness

Hunter Green

India Upper Ganges Blue

Japan Kanazawa Wave

Jet Pens Manjiro Nakahama Whaleman's Sepia

La Reine Mauve

Lexington Gray

Luxury Blue

Missing Pen The Iron Chancellor

Pendemonium Eternal Brown

Pendemonium Iraqi Indigo

Pendemonium Legal Lapis

Pendemonium Violet Vote


Polar Black, New

Polar Black (Original Formula)

Polar Blue

Polar Brown (Reformulated in 2011)

Polar Green (This link is to Noodler's site.)

Russia Akhmatova

Russia Chekhov

Russia Dostoevsky

Russia Esenin

Russia Kuprin

Russia Lermontov

Russia Pasternak

Russia Pushkin

Russia Rachmaninov

Russia Tchaikovsky

Russia Tolstoy

Russia Tsvetayeva

Singapore Esplanade

Singapore Honourable Blue

Singapore Judicial Black

Singapore Lotus Grace

Singapore Majestic Orange

Singapore Peranakan Brown

Singapore Samsui Red

Singapore Sentosa Tranquility

Singapore Sepia

Singapore Sling

Singapore Spirit of Bamboo

Singapore Vanda Miss Joachim

South African Isandlwana

South African Nairobi Noon

Sweden Stockholm Indigo

Swisher Pens Swishmix Burgundy

Swisher Pens Swishmix Glacier Blue

Swisher Pens Swishmix Lakeshore Spruce

Swisher Pens Swishmix Nile Ebony

Swisher Pens Swishmix Royal Aztec

Swisher Pens Swishmix Seminole Sepia

Swisher Pens Swishmix Tahitian Pearl

Swisher Pens Swishmix True Rouge

Swisher Pens Waterproof Aquamarine

Swisher Pens Waterproof Devil Red

Swisher Pens Waterproof Goldfinch

Swisher Pens Waterproof Grizzly

Swisher Pens Waterproof Gulf Stream Blue

Swisher Pens Waterproof Hellbender Red

Swisher Pens Waterproof Naval Orange

Swisher Pens Waterproof Verdun Green

Taiwan Fort Zeelandia

Taiwan Mazu

The Color of the King (Only 10 bottles made for the Raliegh 2004 Pen Show)

U.K. Britannia's Blue Waves

U.K. El Lawrence

U.K. Empire Red

U.K. Highland Heather

U.K. Mati Hari's Cordial

U.K. Prime of the Commons

U.K. Socrates

U.K. The Sun Never Sets

U.K. Victoria's Mint

Warden's Bad Belted Kingfisher

Warden's Bad Black Moccasin

Warden's Bad Blue Heron

Warden's Bad Green Gator

Whiteness of the Whale

X-Feather Black

*This ink has been designated "Near Bulletproof." "Near Bulletproof" is a term used on The Fountain Pen Network's Waterproof Ink List. You can find it here.

If you'd like to see what the bottles and labels look like Jet Pens' got pictures of most of these inks, albeit oddly and randomly rotated. Pendamonium in Australia also has pictures of the bottles or labels of each of the Noodler's inks that they carry.

Jet Pens is also the only store which has Noodler's divided into "Standard" and "Specialty" issue inks, (as well as the usual Eternal, Electric Color. etc. )Noodler's has included an insert in their packaging that categorizes their inks this way as well. If anyone knows how or why this distinction is made I'd love to hear it.

I've divided Noodler's inks into just two categories: Regular ink and Eternal Ink. Some of Noodler's regular inks have been upgraded to "near bulletproof," on the Fountain Pen Network. So, I've noted that with * by their names in the regular ink section.

Noodler's Website

This insert came with the bottle of Kung Te-Cheng that I received from Jet Pens in July 2010.

Monday, January 09, 2012

The Daily Quote: Monday

Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much further than people with vastly superior talent.

Sophia Loren

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Daily Quote: Sunday

Repartee is something we think of twenty-four hours too late.

Mark Twain

Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Daily Quote: Saturday

The length of this document defends it well against the risk of its being read.

Winston Churchill

Friday, January 06, 2012

The Daily Quote: Friday

Life is not becoming to everyone.

Stanislaw Jerszy Lec

Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Daily Quote: Thursday

Read. Read every chance you get. Read to keep growing. Read history. Read poetry. Read for pure enjoyment. Read a book called Life on a Little Known Planet. It’s about insects. It will make you feel better.

David McCullough

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